Saturday, January 23, 2010

White Bird Uncaged: Minh Tran & Company KISS & Tere Mathern Dance PIVOT plus TWINE

White Bird Uncaged Series presents

Tere Mathern Dance PIVOT
choreographed by Tere Mathern

sez says: this was disappointing because the choreography appeared to be beautiful--but because 1) this was staged in a smallish theater in the round and it was hard to see much beside what was happening right in front of you. It was a struggle to try and see the entire company, and; 2) the dancers were not well matched in size and shape, nor did they seem to be well enough trained in general to dance together.  This ended up making it hard to figure out who or what to try and watch. There were too many instances of dancers struggling to be in sync--and they were out of sync as often as they were in sync. The pity is some of the movements were to die for beautiful.  There were parts that  you could feel the tension that exists between people who are struggling between the poles of independence and dependence. I wanted them to pull together and I wished I had a seat from which I could better observe them  --but neither was the case.

mjc says:  perhaps it is too many amazing performances at the Joyce Theater in New York, but none of these dances move me or even grab me for a moment.  With this one I must confess I was put off after reading the choreographer's notes--so much gibberish about movement theory and pseudo-philosophy probably prejudiced my viewing of the dance. 


TWISTED Choreographed and Danced by Tere Mathern and Minh Tran

sez says--this started off well but then fell into a abyss of nothingness.  Tran is a beautiful, graceful dancer and a joy to watch no matter what he is doing. On the other hand Mathern has an abrupt, almost jerky style of movement that can, at times, make her look like she is not fully engaged in movements..but you don't want to be fooled by this style--just look at her hands. They are amazing, at least at this performance there was not a single time when her hands were not held in astoundingly beautiful poses.  Be that as it may--this dance needed more work--I don't think it was ready to be taken out in public.


Minh Tran & Company KISS
Choreographed by Minh Tran

sez says: what a mixed bag-- lots of repressed and liberated sexuality on parade--and an interesting dance troupe, each individual having stand out qualities.  But, again, too often things didn't come together, and there was at times more attitude than dance.  The choreography was not inspired, the dancing was only acceptable.

mjc says:  the costumes where trite, not to say hokey, but what was most startling was how the corps of dancers were shown to be clunky and awkward every time Minh Tran came on stage full of grace and beauty.

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