Friday, April 23, 2010

Radio Golf, Portland Playhouse (Grade B)

Playwright: August Wilson
Presented as a joint work by Portland Playhouse and Base Roots Theater Company
Director: Brian Weaver

Hammond Wilks      Lawence E. Street
Mame Wilks        Andrea White
Roosevelt Hicks        Bobby Bermea
Sterling Johnson        Victor Mack
Elder Joseph Barlow       Kevin E Jones

sez says: What a neat little theater, housed in an old church. The space feels full of love and creative energy and commitment to the performing arts. It is a pleasure to find such a place--and not a surprise to discover it here in North Portland.  This production has heart. Of course August Wilson left the world a legacy of  work that can enrich our souls and should be mulled over and over and over again. I personally will go to any performance of his work that is available for me to see--anywhere --anytime. (Can you tell I am a fan) So that fanaticism got us to this production.  The play itself can only be fully appreciated as a part of a much larger story--told in preceding plays about this community. But the play also stand alone, asking how do we hold on to what is important in the past while we move into the future. The acting here was a little uneven--but it was plenty good enough --and the story held its own, even in the face of a few technical difficulties. Kudos all around, and thanks. (Grade B)

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