Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hearting Beatings, CoHo Production (Grade B)

Book, Lyrics and Music by Mark LaPierre
Director, Diane Englert
Music Driector Matt Isley
Cast:  Andrew Bray;  Chrissy Kelly-Pettit;  JP Latchaw;  Leah Yorkston (each playing multiple parts)

sez says: this is series of musical vignettes having to do with things of The Heart.  They have a fabulous logo/graphic done by Mark Fearing--of a heat in a boxing ring looking a pretty done-in but not out cold:  Kudos for that.  The various piece varied in appeal-- par for the course.  None were bad--all made it to better than good and none quite made it to exceptional. The performers were fine--and, like the music none bad, all generally good, but no one excelled.  One problem was the venue did NOT have good acoustics, so voices drifted and just were not big and powerful enough for the space. An pleasant evening's entertainment --but not art and not exceptional.

MJC Says:  Fun romp through some contemporary stories set to music.

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