Monday, December 13, 2010

Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks, Portland Civic Theater Guild - READING

by Richard Alfieri
Dirtector Trish Egan
JoAnn Johnson   .....   Lily Harrison
Duffy Epstein   .....   Michael

plot summary: older woman/widow --hires caustic gay man to come the her high rise Miami Condo and give her dance lessons, not becasue she needs the lessons, but becasue she needs human companionship.  They spare verbally and come to be close friends. 

sez says: predictable story--but with good social issues woven into the story--the problems of gays men in abusive relationships, not being able to get help from the police; the way the wold makes women invisible as they age; the stereotyping we do when we hear a gay man lost his love (not from aids--but from cancer) It is full of these sorts of social commentary..and it was well read,,, so it was entertaining.  But is is not particularly interesting or heady stuff.  Johnson and Epstein did a nice job bringing these folks to life

mjc says:  a fun but totally predictable romp--good repartee

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