Monday, January 24, 2011

Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom, Theatre Vertigo Reading

by Jennifer Haley
read by Eric Lynus;

story line: kids are hooked-on /addicted  to a violent video game and begin killing people in the neighborhood--including their parents because they can't tell real life from their on-line life.

sez says: well read --interesting/contemporary subject -- but ultimately simplistic about relationships between parents and children (do children really want to kill their parents--can they be confused and manipulated into violence). An alarmist look at the changes going on in our society that accompany our on-line relationships and only seeing the negative.  Kids need to learn how to relate and communicate via an on-line world to prepare themselves for the future. Yes some games have a lot of violence --graphic and gory--but I am not convinced that exposure to that will tun them into psychopaths.  When I was youg parents were breaking little Richard recored for fear the lyric were going to turn all of us int nymphomaniacs --that didn't happen either.    

mjc says: has a great deal of potential to raise a number of issues from suburban isolation to gaming addictions.  Unlike many reading we have gone to this one could benefit from being produced.

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