Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Last of the Thorntons, PROFILE THEATRE (B)

Director Grant Turner
Writer: Horton Foote
"One Night Stand - Reading"

Ms Pearl   .....   Victoria Blake
Fannie Mae  ....  JoAnn Johnson
Clarabelle  .....   LaVerne Green
Older Woman  .....  Bibi Walton
Ora Sue  .....  Kristen Martz
Alberta  .....  Jacklyn Maddux
Lewis  .....  Richard Matthews
Annie Gayle  .....  Jane Fellow
Douglas Jackson  .....  Dave Bodin
Tom  .....  Scott Carson

sez says--this was a reading--not a full production--but as usual Profile brings just enough of the characters into a reading to give it a little more oomph than a traditional reading.  This was nicely done, and it is a lovely piece of literature. Jane Fellows only had one line--but she made her presence intensely felt to the telling to the tale. Everyone read their parts well--but JoAnn Johnson really stood out. Thank you all for a delightful evening. (Grade B)

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