Friday, May 14, 2010

The Pavilion, Third Rail Reading (Grade A)

Playwright: Craig Wright
Read By: Valerie Stevens; Damon Kupper; Michael O'Connell

sez says: wonderful play, well read--exploring such topics as: everything you do has consequences and moves the universe forward;  at the same time everything you do is insignificant as the universe moves forward. The universe does not go backward we cannot change what's happened. Each of our actions--no matter how seemingly big or small--shapes our existence and the way the world works all around us:  to sit down or not to sit down, which door you choose to use, to smile or not--all have consequences.  And nobody "has it together' everyone is struggling with something --but this isn't bad--right now is an opportunity to try again. The danger lies in living in the past--not ignoring the past--but not letting go of the past.  To linger in the past is to abdicate the future:  and all hope dies there. You must keep moving forward with the universe. All of this demonstrated at a High School reunion where the 'Cutest Senior Couple'  find each other and must deal with their past and their futures.

mjc says:  this was my kind of play--lots of interaction, wonderful words and images, philisophical as well as religious as well as intensely personal.  So, thank you for the experience. 

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