Monday, May 30, 2011

The Cherry Orchard, Artist Repertory Theater, Grade C

by Anton Chekhov adapted by Richard Kramer
directed by John Kretzu
Ruby Ranevsky  .....   Linda Alper
Simon   .....   Todd Van Voris
Leo Gayev   .....   Michael Mendelson
Varya   .....   Val Landrum
Firs   .....   Tobias Anderson
Yermolay Lopakhin   .....   Tim Blough
Trofimov   ....   Blake Lowell
Dunyasha   .....   Victoria Blake
Simon Yepidikoff   .....   Andy Lee-Hillstrom
Anya   .....   Amy Newman
Charlotta   .....   Vana O'Brien
Chekhov   Jeffrey Jason Gilpin
Woman in White   .....   Siobhan Caverly
Yasha   .....   Colton Ruscheinsky
The Boy   .....   Logan Tibbetts, Beckett Parker-Lisk

sez says--again Chekov -- what is the fascination with him that make his plays so often produced?   This is a fine rendition --noting special-- but still worth seeing, as is the case with all this so often produced playwright -- So why won't the landed aristocracy do what is required to keep their land and move into the future?  What we lose as we change is always a subject worth thinking about? 

mjc says:  attempt at clever staging fails with plastic water --better sets would make for better productions, actors in this case are all ok


  1. plastic water??

  2. yep---it looked like some crinkled plastic on the ground, in a hole on the stage.. It didn't work