Monday, May 30, 2011

Fortinbras, Profile Theater - GRADE B+

by Lee Blessing
Director Jane Unger
Hamlet   .....   Matt Volner
Osric   .....   Samuel D Dinkowitz
Horatio   .....   Jonah Weston
English Ambassador/Polonius   .....   Ted Roisum
Fortinbras   .....   Leif Norby
Capt of the Norwegian Army   .....   Alan King
Marcellus   .....   Matthew Pavik
Barnardo   .....   Bobby Ryan
Polish Maidens   .....   Chelsie Kinney, Sarah Farrell
Ophelia   .....   Greta West
Claudius   .....   Stephan Henry
Gertrude   .....   Paige Jones
Laertes   .....   Dennis Kelly

sez says:  this is a wildly funny--and  And it was well done by this troupe.  How important is  honesty? And what is the meaning of life?  If a person has any hope of being remembered can that happen when the telling of history (or current events) is up for grabs?  We all know that history is written by the victors, in real life and in this play.  But here we see how the lack of honesty about events can be (and is) used by those who seek power and who use the means of communication to manipulate people.  Only Horitio remains wed to the truth--while the 'frat boy' Fortinbras gallops about trying to have a good time...but --what's this--the dead are still with us--and what an intersting take they have on all of these goings on!  And while all the cast did good service to the story I have to give a special nod to Samuel Dinkowitz for his delicious performance.  RECOMMENDED

MJC says: very funny

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