Saturday, February 23, 2013

Seven Guitars - Artists Repertory Theater

Written by August Wilson and Directed by Kevin Jones
Cast:  Canewell - Victor Mack
          Red Carter - Michael J Asberry
          Vera Dotsun - Ramona Lisa Alexander
          Louise - Gayle Samuels
          Hedley - Mujahid Abdul-Rashid
          Floyd Barton - Lance McQueen
          Ruby - Ashley Williams

August Wilson is one of our favorite playwrights and we love to see any of his plays especially when they are well done as this was.  This is 1940s Pittsburgh Cycle play begins and ends with the funeral of the main character.  Floyd Barton recently released from jail has an opportunity to go to Chicago and record his music and possible set his life on a different path, but while he might think is done with the past, the past isn't done with him, nor is breaking the codes and patterns around easily accomplished.

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