Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Lost Boy - Artists Repertory Theater

Written by Susan Mach and Directed Allan Nause
Cast:  Christian Ross - Michael Fischer-Welsh
          Sarah Ross - Dana Millican
          Detective Heins - Doren Ellias
          Bill Mosher - Duffy Epstein
          Joseph Douglas - Sean Doran
          PT Barnum - Todd Van Voris
          Zalumma Agra - Louisa Sermol
          Tom Thumb/Zahaer - Sam Dinkowitz
          Charlie Ross - Logan Martin
          Walter Ross - Harper Lea
          Cynthia - Elizabeth Houghton
          Ian McKean - Geoff Kanick

Child kidnapping reveals fractures in family that struggles to come to find a way to reclaim their child while dealing with the public fascination and scrutiny.  Wheeling and dealing family and showmen all want a piece of the profits that can be made from a tragedy.  We weren't impressed with how it all played out.

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