Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ANTARKTIKOS a Made In Oregon JAW reading, 2011

by Andrea Stolowitz
Directed by Gemma Whelan

Susan    .....   Valerie Stevens
Hilary   .....   Amy Newman
Alex   .....   Isaac Lamb
Robert Falcon Scott   .....   Michael Fisher-Welsh
Stage Directions   .....   Sharon McDonald

plot: Susan thinks she is in Antarctica--but really she is in a coma following a bike accident--that followed an argument with her daughter Hillary.  Susan thinks Alex is the welcome wagon at the South Pole--when he is really an EMT worker.  Susan gets Alex to promise to watch over Hillary.  Alex takes the promise seriously and will not leave when Hillary arrives at her mother's bedside.   So various realities are set up.. .. the reality in Susan's head: she is in Antarctica talking with Scott about his trip to the pole and the reality in the hospital room.

sez says: the structure and plotting of this play are perfect. The story manages to hold the audience in suspense wondering what is real and where will this all go .. in the meanwhile some serious conversations take place..between Scott and Susan (about what is bravery and what constitutes a hero), between Alex and Susan (   ... ) and between Hilliary and Alex (about promises and loyalty) --and finally between Susan and Hillary (who needs whom in a mother daughter relationship that can so easily be taken for granted--and the whys and hows of this being such an indestructible bond).  I'd get in line to see a full production.

mjc says:  it was well written piece and especially enjoyable after having recently heard the story of Scott and Amundsen at a local Urban Tellers performance

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