Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CONTINUUM, at Made In Oregon JAW-- 20011 Reading

by Patrick Wohlmut
director Stan Foote
Peter   .....   Tim Blough
Craig   .....   Chris Harder
Guard   .....   Jennifer Rowe

story line Peter is an astronomer who blew his promising career for reasons of his own.  Craig is a math savant who also has a history that compels him to have reasons to mislead people around him.  The reasons are revealed --in flash back form -- while Peter visits Craig in a prison and tries to find out why Craig betrayed him by misappropriation of research funds. Hint hint--it is all about fathers and sons

sez says:  a work in progress with great promise.  A serious topic -- fathers and sons and agendas that at first blush seem mysterious.  One thing is it needs to be cut/consolidated by about about 20% and the number of flashback jumps need to be reduced.  Good job reading.

mjc says: a  hard romp throuhg science and the heart

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