Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PERSONAL, a Made In Oregon JAW Reading, 2011

by Brian Kettler
director Jessica Nikkel


Lucy   .....   Jennifer Rowe
Ronald   .....   Nick Schultz
Raef   .....   Casey McFeron
Greg   .....   Eli Blue Eagle
Alice Cain   .....   Lauren Luiz
Bixby Daniles   .....   Zach Virden
Kim   .....   Morgan Cox
Stage Directions   .....   Kelsey Tyler

plot outline: Alice Caine is a 'perfect girl' beautiful, humble, friendly to all... and  she is the star of a TV show that is about to come to an end, but wait the STAR-Alice has disappeared --all the kids in town are distraught--and many have been institutionalized because they are so depressed --and they need to be reprogrammed to forget about Alice.  Ah but there is a twist ...

sez says: this was not very good. It has no idea about what young women are like--it is even rather unkind toward young women in general --at one point it even says a beautiful girl like Alice who is nice can not really exist--she has to be 'created' --and of course she is miserable.  The readers all did a fine job --but the material was hardly worth the effort.

mjc says: childish, but without a child's perspective

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  1. Okay, Geezers, summer's over and the fall season is upon us -- time to get back to work. Seeing anything in TBA11? Looking forward to your thoughts on God of Carnage.