Monday, January 2, 2012

Angels in America, Part I: Millennium Approaches (Portland Playhouse) Grade A+

By Tony Kushner
Directed by Michael Weaver

Roy Cohn   .....   Ebbe Roe Smith
Joe Pitt   .....   Chris Harder
Harper Pitt   .....   Nikki Weaver
Belize   .....   Berwick Haynes
Louis Ironson   .....   Noah Jordan
Prior Walker   .....   Wade McCollum
Hannah Pitt + Rabbi +  .....   Gretchen Corbett
The Angel   .....   Lorraine Bahr

Life has gotten too busy so I can't write the sort of review I would likt to--but I don't want to maiss a chance to at least says that this is a brilliant play and it is beautifully done. 

Hats Off the Portland Playhouse for their latest in a string of winners. Bringing together some of Portland's best talent with just the right mix of imported help, making magic happen on stage with minimal sets and thus making The Play Be The Thing is the gift this company brings to our fair city  --so we send thanks and look forward to their next offering.

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