Monday, January 2, 2012

Sherlock Holmes & the Case of the Christmas Carol (Artist Repertory Theatre) B

by John Longenbaugh
Directed by Jon Kretzu

Cast :
Holmes  .....   Michael Mendelson
Watson   .....   Tod Van Voris
Mrs. Hudson   .....   Vana O'Brien
Becky   .....   Amy Newman
Moriarity   .....   Tobias Anderson
Young Holmes   .....   Matthew Kerrigan
Spirit 1   .....   Nathan Crosby
Spirit 2   .....   Gary R Powell

a mixture of a Sherlock Holmes tale and the classic "A Christmas Carol".   In general I am not a fan of Christmas Shows -- this was better than most -- but had I not been a subscriber I'd of skipped it...and not missed a whole lot. Light entertainment.

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