Monday, January 2, 2012

The Prisoner of Second Avenue (Profile Theatre) Grade B

by Neil Simon
Directed by Thom Bray

Mel Edison   .....   Don Alder
Edna Edison   .....   Karla Mason
Harry Edison   .....   Thomas Bray
Pearl   .....   Jane Unger
Jessie   .....   Jean Miller
Pauline   .....   Jane Fellows

plot -- Don has lost his very good job, wife Edna has to go to work, brother Harry wants to help, sisters Pearl Jessie and Pauline are a riot.

sez says: Neil Simon holds up -- he is a very clever writer --and he also is willing to take on topics that have resonance in our culture.  Here we look at unemployment, aging, male pride, family connections and contradictions - all with a light enough touch to  make us smile in recognition--and serious enough to make us think about how the world works. (and my --how men's and women's relations have change since this was written-!)

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